Why you need a working fire alarm system

Welcome to All Fire Alarms. You are probably here because you want to learn more about fire alarms. Maybe you're wondering if you actually need a fire alarm system. Well, a working fire alarm system is of much value in any home or building. For one, it will increase the value of any property as well as functioning as a personal bodyguard of sorts, safeguarding you and your home against fire (and in some cases burglary), even when nobody is at home.

The basic fire alarm system is made up of smoke detectors or heat sensor devices which are then linked to a control panel. Depending on the model, the control panel in turn may or may not be connected to the fire department (via an Alarm Transportation System). Oftentimes, burglar alarms share the same control panel, although the burglar alarms will of course, notify the police station, and not the fire department.

Certain fire alarm systems have sprinkler systems attached, which are connected via their control panels to heat sensors and smoke alarms. Even those homes that are protected by an independent glass-stopper sprinkler system or don't have any sprinkler system at all, often will have will have an alarm system of some kind. This is because good fire alarm systems only cost less than fifteen hundred dollars to set up (and a small monthly fee to monitor), but the property they protect is worth much, much more. It's a form of insurance for your property.

The most cost efficient system is to combine a burglar alarm and a fire alarm system together. It offers the best protection for your family and property, while raising the valuation of your property at the same time. If you've read of burglars being nabbed even though their owners were away, all because of their alarm system in place, then you'll appreciate why a fire alarm system will pay for itself, especially if combined with a burglar alarm system.

Fire alarm

While it is easy to assume that a fire will never happen to you, statistics prove otherwise. Wires can trip, and appliances can burn. It's better to be safe than sorry. A fire alarm system is definitely not a waste of money - if you value your property and belongings. If by any chance a fire does occur on your property, you'll be glad you had an early warning system in place.