The basic parts of a fire alarm system

The first step in setting up a fire alarm system is to get acquainted with its basic parts, like smoke detectors, for starters. The number of smoke detectors in a particular building is regulated by local building authorities. Regular testing of the smoke detectors is a part of the maintenance job sheet with fire alarms. Since smoke is one of the first signs of any fire, the smoke detectors need to be in tip top condition at all times for them to perform their function.

Another essential component of the fire alarm system is the heat sensing device. Although small, they can measure the temperature in a room and can detect any drastic change. Heat sensors are sold with a smoke detector as a package, or you can buy them seperately.

fire alarm heat sensor and sprinklerThe heat sensors along with the smoke detectors are the first line of defence against fire outbreaks. But in order to make these devices work, they need batteries as their energy source. That is why regular checkups on the smoke and heat detectors are needed, at least monthly, so that the batteries can be changed, if required.

Other parts of the fire alarm system include the strobe lights, alarm horns, mounting bases, relays, and transmitters. If you're going to get your premises a fire alarm system, you don't need to really know all the technical details of these parts, but you do need to get a skilled technician to conduct regular checkups and maintenance on them at least monthly. Most fire alarm parts are relatively inexpensive and easy to source for online.