Using a fire alarm pull station

Fire alarm pull stations should never be activated unless there is an real emergency. Just like calling the fire department as a prank, so is pulling the fire alarm pull station without a good reason. It's against the law and those who are caught could be fined. Fire alarm pull stations are conspicuous and straight forward to use - for good reason. They send a signal to the control panel, which in turn alerts the fire brigade.

activating fire alarm pull stationYou can see fire alarm pull stations in every building, on every floor. They are usually accompanied by a fire extinguisher nearby to help put out fires at the onset. Depending on model, pull stations can be activated through breaking a glass panel and pressing a button within, pulling down a lever, or turning a handle.

Safety should never be compromised. Although many fires that start end up not being a threat to life and limb, but when the alarm sounds, all occupants must take heed and evacuate the building.

Activating the pull station is serious business. Once a fire alarm pull station has been activated, only the police or firemen can shut off the alarm using a special key. The reason this procedure is used is to prevent anyone with bad intentions from turning off the alarm. Add to that, the alarm that goes off is so loud that nobody in his/her right mind would pull the alarm unless there is a good reason to.

A fire alarm pull station is installed to save people’s lives. So use them only when there is an actual emergency. Also, take care not to accidentally activate the alarm by any chance (like bumping into them)which means - Steer clear of them when not in use.